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Annie Botticelli's

Become a Professional Astrologer

in 8 months (or less)!

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I have had many participants

start earning money in just a few months

I have been teaching astrology for a long time!

I had over 17 million international views to my Youtube Astrology Channel with hundreds of thousands of new views every month.

Let my expertise help you reach your goals with Astrology!

Astrology Certification Course

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Here is a glowing testimonial from a participant

who recently finished the course:

"Having just completed Annie’s Becoming a Professional Astrologer Certification Program, I want to give my testimonial for how wonderful it is.

Annie Botticelli is an excellent teacher. I have not even completed the coursework yet and I AM ALREADY EARNING MONEY AS AN ASTROLOGER (just 6 months into the coursework)!

As an instructor, she is thorough, insightful, and engaging. The best thing about Annie's coursework is that she tells you at the beginning exactly how you can start making money through astrology. She gives you the necessary tools and teachings to get started so that you can actually begin practicing on friends and family immediately. Then, by the time you are finished learning all the material, you are confident enough in your abilities to start charging for your services.

I found her classes to be fun, informative, and educational. She covers all the core topics in astrology and shares information in a memorable way.

I highly recommend Annie’s Becoming a Professional Astrologer Certification Program for anyone who is interested in doing this professionally.

I could not be happier with the results I am getting in my own astrology business today."

~ Jennifer Clair

Receive EVERYTHING you need to

become a successful

Professional Astrologer

through this

certification course.

EARN INCOME from your love of the stars and helping others.

"5+ stars! The best astrology course!
I just completed Annie's Becoming a Professional Astrologer Mastery Cours and I can confidently say that it has already completely changed my life! I have been an aspiring astrologer for a few years. Annie's course was the missing puzzle piece to tie all my learning together into actually doing readings. This course gave me the final push I needed to start doing chart readings for other people and begin to take my business to the next level. I am beyond grateful to Annie for creating this course and that I found it that fateful day! If you are on the fence about this course, I can tell you that it is beyond worth it! Annie is an amazing teacher, human and spiritual leader. Her warmth is palpable and her passion for astrology and the betterment of all is inspiring and motivational. I will definitely be investing in her business course as well. Thank you, Annie!!"

Lacey ~ Canada

In this course, I give you everything you need to:

~ Use astrology as a powerful self-development tool and for planning purposes

~ Understand and improve your relationships

~ Help your friends and family

~ Read charts at the professional level

~ Create a lucrative astrology-based business or add astrology to other offering

~ Earn extra cash doing astrology as a side gig

~ Manifest with Astrology

and so much more!

Plus, REGISTER NOW and receive special bonuses in each section of curriculum including:

1. Mega Self-Help Tools (for you and your clients!)

2. How to Give a Kick A** Reading Every Time

3. My Top 5 Questions Asked by Clients in Readings and How to Answer Them

4. How to Make Your Astrology Practice Work FINANCIALLY!

5. Transcending Negative Astrological Wiring

6. How to Read Horoscope Charts

7. Astrological Timing for Big Decisions and Important Life Steps

"I am only on month 4 of Annie Botticelli's Becoming a Professional Astrologer Mastery Course and I have more than 10 people asking me to do chart reading and wanting to pay for it."

~Adriana Custeau ~ Canada

KEY COURSE POINT: You can earn back your investment quickly from doing around 12 astrology readings! There are very few courses of study that you could invest in with such a rapid return on investment AND unlimited earning potential!

"Again I want to tell you that I really appreciate your Becoming a Professional Astrologer Mastery Course! Even though I was already really deep into astrology, your course gave me the confidence to do it professionally! After only 3 months of being enrolled in your course, I started working as a professional astrologer, first by donation but now fully paid, and I get best feedback. I love what I do and I love to help people to get a new point of view on their life.
So thanks again for your work and I would definitely recommend your course to other students!
Best wishes from Germany!
Take care!"

Layne W.

Course Features:

~ Rolling enrollment, starts at your registration

~ 12 months access to the secret, private LIVE forum where you can ask questions as you go through the material. You can share, practice, and hone your skills in this protected nest to give you footing to soar in your astrology practice!

~ Extensive, comprehensive, and beautifully organized curriculum in an easily accessible online venue

~ Step-by-step modules that build upon each other bring you to the professional level

~ Podcast and video classes with visual helpful visual aids to anchor in learning

~ Study on YOUR OWN SCHEDULE - Being a busy person myself, I understand the challenges to advancing education and creating a new vocation while managing the many variables of life!

~ Course materials are downloadable and yours forever after tuition completion

~ Quizzes in the prerequisite portal to make sure you get the basics down

~ My Astrology Basics & Beyond prerequisite curriculum is included for FREE in your Becoming a Professional Astrologer Course tuition. This is the first month of study and will prepare you for more the more advanced learning.

~ 7 months of CORE CURRICULUM in the main learning portal.

There are 8 months total for the prerequisite and core curriculum which cover everything you need to do professional readings! I have seen situations where participants start doing readings professionally much sooner than the 8 months.

PLUS, you receive 4 additional months of bonus materials.

~ Free course updates and added modules

Whether you are wanting to learn astrology just for learning about yourself or helping family and friends, as a hobby, or wanting to use it as all or part of professional offerings, this program will assist you in reaching your goals!

It is very unusual to find a course for career education that you can pay off your investment so quickly. I have had many businesses for decades and astrology as had the highest and quickest and highest return on my investment of all of them AND I have had MANY participants in this course who have used the knowledge they gained from my teachings added to their own efforts to pay off their investment within months. Of course I can't make any guarantees as with any education, using what you learn is in your hands but I definitely teach you all you need to know to get paid to do astrology.

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"First of all, I just want to say how much I am so utterly and devotedly grateful for you and your magic. You have really changed my life. Really. I just want you to completely know that. I have been interested in astrology my whole life but i never would be REALLY doing this if it wasn't for you. I am in a constant state of being enthralled right now, and to top it all off, I have never had so much confidence in my life. Things are happening that I never thought would happen. People are telling me how much I help them and I hear their stories and sometimes I actually cry. I have never felt so fulfilled or had more purpose. What can I do to repay you?? I love you so much. I have never even met you but I imagine I would be constantly laughing with you if/when I do. Just two Sag spirits. I just want you to know this (and I know you do know a lot of this already). I just want you to know everyday how much you have brought joy and optimism and knowledge and inspiration and confidence and enlightenment into my life. I give you gratitude from the bottom of my heart!"

~ D.D.M. - Canada

Astrology came to me by amazing synchronicity one evening while I was standing in line for a restroom at a concert. That fated day, the ever-brilliant Bridget, precocious astrologer by passion, school-teacher by profession, "commanded" (she has ALOT of Aries in her chart ;) ) me to be her friend. Saying YES to her was one of my best decisions EVER.

Bridget looked at my chart and told me I would become a "famous" astrologer, be an author, and help people all over the world. At the time, I was a pharmaceutical rep for a major drug company and locked in the "golden handcuffs" of the corporate world. My soul was yearning for something different, for my purpose. As things started to manifest the way Bridget said they could, I marveled, "You can really see all of that in the chart?!" I have come to understand that some things you see "in" the chart, this is the SCIENCE of astrology. But more information comes in "off" the chart. This is the ART OF ASTROLOGY :)

By seeing the magic of my chart and astrology, I was able to step out of my corporate job and overall unsatisfying life experience, and into the LIFE OF MY DREAMS!

I have been free of having to work for anyone else and have. only done "work" that is in line with my passions for almost 20 years. I am so excited to you, my fellow seekers, in seeing those things for yourselves and others through Astrology.

The Basic Curriculum includes:

~ Signs, Houses, Planets, Transits, Aspects - You will use this info in EVERY chart reading!

~ Chart Reading Formula ~ The "Anatomy" of a Chart Reading ~ You will use this in covering:

~ Natal charts

~ Progressed charts

~ Solar return (birthday) charts

~ Solar charts (done in absence of a birth time or for an additional dimension of reading)

~ Transit charts

~ Synastry (Composite) charts (how 2 or more people mesh together)

~ Moon Cycles ~ How to follow them, how to best use them, and more!

~ Using the Ephemeris ~ This is one of the most important tools in astrology and most students do not know how to use it!!

~ Retrograde Planets - in Transit, Natal, and Progressed Charts

~ Major Planetary Cycles

~ Eclipses

~ Answering questions I receive often like, "When will I have $?", When will I have love?", What am I supposed to be doing with my life/my purpose?, and more

~ Astrological Timing - Business launches and other timing questions/planning

~ North & South Nodes - I think these are the most important aspects of a chart!

There are over 100 modules in this course (and still growing!)

While you learn, you have access to ask questions in the private, secret forum, bringing the learning to a very personal level. I also show you how to read horoscope charts.

This is also a CERTIFICATE COURSE. You will receive a certificate after coursework completion and the final project that ties your learning together.

You can be very involved with the group forum or learn in the backdrop. The course is set up so that when you have more time you can put more into the program, and when your schedule is busy, you can save the playbacks, assignments, and group forum review for when you have time.

If you haven't taken my Astrology Basics & Beyond Course, it teaches the basics and it is a pre-requisite. It is included at no additional when you register for the Becoming a Professional Astrologer Mastery Course

You can see examples of my public teaching on my Youtube channel, where I have had over 16 million channel views. I put a lot into my free offerings but what I put into this Astrology Certification Course is multiplied astronomically :) Over 100 modules and growing!

You can also check out my new syndicated astrology education podcast (with over 250,000 downloads) ~ Astro Kisses with Annie Botticelli, which you can also find on Spotify and other major podcast venues.

I also have two astrology blog sites: and

Teaching astrology is my thing! I will love to help you reach your goals for your astrology education.

If you have any questions about this course to help you make this is perfect for you and your situation, email here: [email protected]

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Discount for paying in full and also full payment receives full curriculum access instead of dripped modules.

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Your Instructor

Annie Botticelli
Annie Botticelli

Annie has been an International Leader in Astrology Education for well over a decade, with an astrology practice spanning over 20 years. She is an Internationally-Renowned Youtube Personality (with over 16 Million Channel Views), Astrologer, Business and Self-Development Mentor, Trainer of Astrologers and Coaches, Teacher of Practical Magic, Visionary Author, Blogger, Website Hostess and Incubator for Up-and-coming Bloggers at, Developer of Subliminal Brain Amplification Products, and Founder and Author ~ Luminous Life Publishing ~ Books & Beyond. Annie's Astrology book, Planetology ~ How to Align with the Natural Rhythms of the Universe, can be found on shelves of major booksellers internationally and through all online sources. She brings over two decades of diverse experience as a successful Spirit-preneur, Astrologer, Teacher, and Mentor to all the courses she creates.