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I have been doing astrology and coaching for 20 years, have done thousands of chart readings and coaching sessions for people all over the world and I have been teaching courses for well over 18 years. I have seen a growing need for assistance in having a bustling business living in service as a coach: Life coach, Business Coach, Spiritual Coach, and more. I know how to help people get the results they want, reach their goals, and transform their lives AND do this in an online venue, totally free from geographic constraints. See info below and You can also email me with any additional questions :)

Remember that vocational training could be a great tax deduction. Ask your tax advisor about this to see if it is relevant for your situation.

Here are some wonderful words from a recent graduate of my course:

“I was introduced to Annie via YouTube, and after watching her videos for a year, I knew I wanted to work with her. Annie’s knowledge base, thorough explanation of the information she presented and her demeanor made me feel like I would benefit from taking her course, so I reached out to Annie and enrolled in her Coach Certification & Online Business Course!

The information was presented in a detailed but easily digestible way, she covers all of the information one would need in order to create a successful online business.

Annie continues to be an amazing mentor and resource in my life. I am thankful that I followed my intuition and joined her class.”

Rasia M Pouncie ~ Florida, USA

Say Hello to Your New Vocation ...

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Many people are coaching others as a general habit but not getting paid for it.
Are you one of them?
Are you the person that everyone you know turns to with problems ... The person who random people start talking to then seem to leave feeling better ... The intuitive empath who just wants to make a difference in the world while doing work they love ... ?
If this is you, my Coach Certification & Online Business Course could be perfect for you!
I had been coaching people my whole life at no charge to them and only started to realized it could actually be my vocation after many years of doing for so many people for free while I worked at jobs I didn't love putting my gifts towards the dreams of companies and businesses I worked for but not my own. But all that changed 20 years ago when I took control of my life and path and started educating myself about how to create the life of my dreams. I spent a fortune and a crazy amount of time figuring out the things I needed to make my dream possible.
Now I delight in giving others in an organized, affordable program, the things it took me almost two decades to figure out.
One of my great passions is for helping to train Coaches of every kind - Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Health, Abundance, General Life Coaching.
Most people who are drawn to my work are interested in a Holistic type of coaching where we teach others about the need to treat the 'whole person' for best outcomes and winds up including some of all the things I listed. So I include all of this in my coursework.
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A few highlights of what you receive in my Coach Certification & Online Business Self-Study Course ...
~ Organized online portals for learning
~ My in-depth and effective 6-step Formula for helping people reach their goals
~ Coaching Principles & Tools for clearing blocks and changing habits
The course is full of practical & powerful exercises that really work!
Each section of study includes one of my Train Your Brain Subliminal recordings to help support your learning, growth, and expansion.
Not only can you train for your new vocation, you will also learn the steps to creating your online presence to fuel your business and create geographical freedom
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This is a very comprehensive course as it is a dual enrollment in my Coach Certification Course and also my separate Creating Successful Online Business Course.
Let me know if you have any questions so we can see if my Coach Certification & Online Business Self-Study Course is perfect for you!
After completion of all the materials and final project, you will receive a completion certificate.
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Coach Certification & Online Business Course Features:

~ This is a go-at-your-own-pace self-study course. There is no time limit for completion. When you are finished with the coursework and ready for the final certification project, just let me know via email and I will send you details. The complete curriculum is dripped over 8 months. The first 3 months is the Online Business Education component (formerly called Creating Successful Online Business - now called Secrets of a Six-Figure Consultant). After the first 3 months, the Coach Certification material will start to appear in the Coach Certification curriculum portal in month 4 after your registration and has 5 full months of monthly drips to the curriculum portal.

~ Course materials shared through an easy-to-use teaching format which lets you easily see all the lessons, lectures, and special projects as they are dripped out throughout the course.

~ The course drips out over time in sections to help you manage coursework easily. You will receive an overview and course 'roadmap' at the beginning so you can know what is coming and when :) Payment in full gives you full access to all materials without the drip.

~ Comprehensive Curriculum that prepares you to be an effective coach AND to have a successful online business.

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Coach Certification & Online Business Course Benefits:

~ Comprehensive learning material that prepares you with step-by-step instructions to help others reach their dreams

~ Learn the keys to a viable business that you can build as a side business or to switch from another profession

~ Learn how to break through inertia and other blocks to your dream life

~ Access a highly organized, comprehensive curriculum venue sets you up for success right from the beginning.

~ Instructions on how to create your own Coaching Manual from the material you are learning for you to refer to again and again as you establish your business.

~ Walk through a highly experiential journey through my coaching model helps you see the formula at work.

~ Have ample opportunity to apply what you are learning so that by the time your launch your business it feels like second nature.

~ Experience fun special projects and learning opportunities that help you reach your goals and help others reach theirs.

~ Receive bonuses throughout the course of some of my Train Your Brain subliminal audio programs that you can utilize to map your brain for your new vision and experience.

~ Access Helpful Checklists keep you organized through each section.

~ Action steps keep you focused and clear on what to do to continue momentuum towards goals.

~ Stock your Coaching Toolbox full of proven techniques for handling obstacles to success, clearing blocks, shifting negative patterns and making new habits.

~ The course includes my full Creating Successful Online Business Course/Secrets of a Six-Figure Consultant, which teaches you how to establish an internet presence and build a business free from the overhead of a cottage business and geographic limitations. If you want to also have a cottage business, having a successful internet component to your work improves your chance for success in your geographically-based business, taking pressure of the need for income through the location-based business.

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REGISTRATION also gives BONUS access to additional curriculum for coaching subspecialities including:

Please note all of these bonus courses were created to give helpful knowledge to those with no astrology background up through more experienced astrology students.

Coach Page Astrology

Spiritual/Intuitive Coach Curriculum:

~ Developing Intuition

~ Basic Astrology for Coaches

~ Helping Clients Understand their Life Purpose, Karmic Patterns and Gifts

~ Astrology & Crystals

~ Understanding Planetary Retrogrades and Astrological Timing

Coach Page Wellness

Health/Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching:

~ Basic Astrology for Health & Wellness

~ The 10 Pillars of Optimal Health

and more!

Also, extras on the topic of Abundance/Business Coaching!

The previous version of this course was twice as much as it is now. I heard from many people who really wanted to take this course but the tuition was out of their reach. As such, I shifted aspects of the course to make it more accessible. ALL of the SAME CONTENT is included in this current version of the course. Now you can access all of the material discussed above for HALF the tuition of the previous offering.

If you have any questions about this course to help you make this is perfect for you and your situation, email here: mailto:[email protected]

Low monthly payment plan available.

Discount for paying in full and also full payment receives full curriculum access instead of dripped modules.

**If you receive this course as a promo for registering for one of my other courses please note the following: All of thiscourse curriculum is included when this course is received as a promotion. There will be an extra fee if you decide to do the optional certification if you received this course as a promo.

Your Instructor

Annie Botticelli
Annie Botticelli

Annie has been an International Leader in Astrology Education for well over a decade, with an astrology practice spanning over 20 years. She is an Internationally-Renowned Youtube Personality (with over 16 Million Channel Views), Astrologer, Business and Self-Development Mentor, Trainer of Astrologers and Coaches, Teacher of Practical Magic, Visionary Author, Blogger, Website Hostess and Incubator for Up-and-coming Bloggers at, Developer of Subliminal Brain Amplification Products, and Founder and Author ~ Luminous Life Publishing ~ Books & Beyond. Annie's Astrology book, Planetology ~ How to Align with the Natural Rhythms of the Universe, can be found on shelves of major booksellers internationally and through all online sources. She brings over two decades of diverse experience as a successful Spirit-preneur, Astrologer, Teacher, and Mentor to all the courses she creates.

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Create a New Consulting/Teaching Business Online ~ Expand the Reach of Your Already Established Business ~ Help Others with Your Gifts and Earn Money!
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